50 States = 50 Concealed Carry Laws: How They Impact Your Business and How You Can Develop A National Approach To This Problem

no-shooting-445539-sNo matter what your company’s philosophy regarding the Concealed Carry laws, you need to know the facts, and more importantly, recognize the potential liabilities.  Every national retailer, restaurant chain and hospitality company must comply with different state laws across the country and develop policies and procedures in response to those laws.

I’ve developed an educational presentation aimed at helping businesses protect their interests and minimize risk on a national level, all while complying with state laws and upholding corporate policies.

The topics covered include:

1) The different types of gun laws across the country;

2) The practical use and application of no-gun signs;

3) Liability for criminal acts of third parties involving a concealed weapon;

4) The laws’ impact on contracts such as real estate leases, franchise agreements, and security vendor contracts;

5) Some of the unique aspects of the newly passed Illinois conceal-carry law;

6) An evaluation of liability arguments and hypothetical situations which may impose liability on business owners.

Whoever attends this presentation will walk away with a better understanding of the nuances between the state laws, and learn how protect your company’s or your clients interests and minimize risk.

Who Should Attend?

This presentation can be a discussion among a few people or a presentation to a large group, whichever approach works best for you and your department.  It can be held at your office or at an outside location near your office.

This presentation is useful to any in-house attorney, risk manager, claims examiner or person working within a company’s security department.

Please note that we are an authorized CLE provider.  We will apply for CLE in whichever state you are located or have practicing attorneys.

Contact Information:

If you would like to schedule this presentation for your company, or if you have any questions, please contact me:

Stacy D. Fulco:  #312/601-9682 or attach a comment with your information and I can contact you.