CLM Article – Are Formal Floor Inspections Worth It?

In February, 2017, myself and the corporate general liability claims manager for Albertsons Companies published an article in CLM Magazine —  Are Formal Floor Inspections Worth It?  I also recently spoke about this same topic during a CLM Webinar.  A copy of the article is attached.

This article is a short and generalized discussion about the topic, using two examples to make the point that inspection policies are worthwhile, despite being costly and difficult to maintain.  I am currently working on a much more in depth article on the same topic but I will look at case law around the country to show how strong inspection policies help win summary judgment motions.  I will also give advise on how to development and implement the policies.  Finally, I will talk about a few innovative ways companies are ensuring the inspections take place.

If your company does not have an inspection policy and you want more information, please let me know.

CLM – Feb 2017

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