Retail & Hospitality to the Rescue!

Since this blog is dedicated to the retail, restaurant and hospitality industries, I want to take a moment to show my deepest respect and admiration to the many retail, restaurant and hospitality companies and employees out there doing amazing things during these crazy times.   

The following is a list of just a few of those companies whose employees have stepped up and contributed their best for the good of the country:

Albertsons/Safeway Grocery Stores – These guys have been amazing (and I’m not just saying that because its where I do my grocery shopping!)  Grocery store employees are working 10-16 hours a day keeping the shelves stocked as much as possible.  The company has put up guards for the employees and lines on the ground with announcements overhead to ensure social distancing while shopping.  They also have special hours for older shoppers, they have increased hiring, installed appreciation pay for workers and waived the delivery fee for the pharmacy.

Costco – This warehouse store has been amazing in ensuring all of its Members has the supplies they need to get through this pandemic.  Its employees have worked tirelessly to keep the warehouse stocked, while dealing with lines around the block.  Even with the increase in business, they have increase customer safety with sanitized shopping cart handles, shelves and registers.

McDonald’s – They are donating 400,000 masks to the State of Illinois emergency operation center for use by those helping fight COVID-19, including police and first responders.

Nordstrom –  The alterations teams at Nordstrom are personally sewing over 100,000 masks to be distributed to healthcare workers across the country.

Office Depot & Petco – These and many other stores are making sure it can be business as usual as much as possible.  They are providing curbside pick-up and delivery to the door, with all the extra safety measures on top of it.

Hilton – The hotels are donating excess food to local pantries and providing housing to first responders and healthcare workers.  They are also giving full refunds on all reservations through June 30, 2020.

Starbucks – Free coffee to front-line responders through May 3rd and $500,000 donated to support the delivery of personal protective equipment.  They are also keeping those drive-thru’s open so everyone can keep getting their coffee.

Aldi Grocery Stores – They have implemented temporary wage increases in the stores and warehouses, increase hiring, extra protection at the registers and ensuring social distancing in the stores.  They are also donating $1 million to community organizations.

Life Time Fitness – This company, as well as many other fitness centers, are closed but that does not mean the work-out is over.  They offer classes on-demand, at-home workouts, a training app and a store that will deliver to your door.  There are also on-line nutrition articles and recipes to ensure you are eating healthy.

Ford, 3M & GE – These companies are teaming up mass produce 3M respirators, GE ventilators and new 3-D-printed face shields.

Gap Inc. – The companies factory partners will start making masks, scrubs and gowns for healthcare workers for California area hospitals.

JoAnn Fabrics & Neiman Marcus –The alterations department at Neiman Marcus is using fabric from Jo-Ann to make masks, gowns and scrubs for healthcare providers.

Small & Medium Size Companies – You Know Who You Are! – These local restaurants and grocery stores are doing all they can to keep all of us fed and safe, while many are staring at empty tables and bars.  All we can say is we feel your pain and we are all looking forward to being back there so please hang on!

Thanks to all of you and to all the other companies out there giving their best!